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Navaz Shaik, more popularly known by his stage name, NOVA, is an International rapper, hailing from the Middle East best known for his Hindi and English raps and for various other soundtracks for providing a desi fusion with upbeat energy to songs and also for being a well-known fitness model and an award winning regional athlete.

NOVA started rapping at the young age of sixteen after being influenced by the well acclaimed and well known American Drama and Hip-Hop movies 8 Mile, by rapper Eminem and Straight Outta Compton. And he has never since looked back. Highly influenced by Hip Hop music yet not forgetting about his roots is what sets NOVA apart from the rest, he loves writing rhymes and lyrics to touch hearts and loves playing with words, which can be seen in the amazing vibrancy of the music he produces.

He started off with various participations in cypher and many rap battles representing the city Mumbai, India, which have helped him grow as an artist and as a person. He has a desire to connect with his music and feels that his fans do the same which has led to many of his songs blowing up overnight. His life in music has been punctuated by various ups and downs – though given the energy and vibrancy in music and being there has never been a dull moment.

His early success as a Hip Hop influenced rapper was seen when he released his first cover Heathens by Twenty One Pilots featuring the lovely and talented, singer and actress Alfeeya in Early April this year where the song has already crossed over million views on YouTube and many other online music platforms in just a span of week after being released and is well loved in countries like, India, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt, Peru and many others.

Inspired by the freedom of expression the music allows and looking up to various globally acclaimed international artists such as Eminem, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Logic, Drake and many more, NOVA still feels as if he is still discovering them along with his own music and style of expression, under his mentors, Bollywood famed music producers, Tanay Gajjar, Vivek Bakshi and Shinjan Parmar.

Along with his music career, NOVA takes an active part in keeping up with a healthy and active fitness lifestyle. Which leads to finding him more often than not taking part in sports, running full marathons to support various heart-warming causes or at the gym. He has won many competitions in Combat sports including MMA, Boxing and Muay Thai, and has won many regional championships representing his Dojo, ’MMA Combat Fitness’ He wishes to give a shot for UFC and Men’s Physique Olympia as well, which are huge and famous platforms for athletes.

Apart from all these various activities that keep NOVA busy, he is also pursuing an education in full time business studies and management and has inspirations to connect to the same with his music career soon opening his own label or production house.

He is recently working on new songs and is in talks of releasing an album much to the delight of his fans, kick starting another exciting and unpredictable chapter in his life.

NOVA loves connecting and engaging with fans, give him a follow on his social media platforms and make sure to subscribe to be the first to be notified of any new music release.



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